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Multiplayer Tochki

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Added on: Oct 06, 2011
Play Count: 980
Category: multiplayer

Play the popular game in Russia In this game there will be a board with horizontal and vertical lines that make up a board with 38 x 31 intersections.

You and your opponent take turns to mark points on the intersections. The first point must be made at the center area (the center 8 x 15 intersections). Two points that are adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally are connected, if connected points form a circle, then an area is formed. If there are enemy points in the area, then those points are dead and cannot be used to form circles, the area also becomes a circled area and both players cannot put points in it. If the area does not have any enemy points in it, then both players can still put points in it, but if the enemy has put a point in the area but that point cannot form a circled area immediately, then that point is dead and the area immediately becomes a circled area. The game ends when all the intersections are marked or when both players agree that the game is ended. The player who have circled more enemy points wins.

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