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Multiplayer Belote Classic

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Added on: Oct 08, 2011
Play Count: 1380
Category: multiplayer

This game is a trick taking game played by 4 people with a norml deck playing cards with all 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 removed, resulting in 32 cards.

Players sitting opposite to each other are partners and form two teams. The goal of the game is to be on the team that win tricks and score 501 points first. At the start of the game, a player is randomly selected to become dealer, while the player at the right of the dealer will become dealer for the next round. Each person gets 3 cards and then another 2 cards. After every player has 5 cards, a flipped card will be placed on the middle of the table. The player at the right side of the dealer can chooses if he will take the card on the table as trump and becomes the taker. He can also pass, where the next player gets the chance to take the card on the table or pass as well. If everyone pass on the first round, then the player to the right of the dealer can chooses any suit except the suit of the card on the table as trump or pass, if he passes, the next player gets to choose and so on. At this stage of the game, as soon as any player chooses a trump, the bidding end. If all players pass for the second round then the game is forfeit and the player to the left of first dealer will become dealer and redistribute the cards for the next game. The player who speaks must take the card on the table regardless of what suit he chose, and are dealt 2 cards while the remaining players are dealt an additional 3 cards each. Once a trump is selected and crads been dealt, the dealer will lead the first turn by playing a card. He can play any card he wants, and the suit of the card he played will become the suit of the current trick, where the remaining players must follow suit if they can. If a player does not have cards of the same suit then he must play a trump, if he does not have any trumps then he can play any card. If the current trick contains trump cards, then you must play a higher ranked trump if you can. The requirement to play a trump is relaxed if your partner is the current trick winner. After all 4 players have played their cards, the highest ranked trump wins the trick, if no trumps were played then the highest ranked card of played suit wins the trick. The ranks of non-trump cards are A-10-K-Q-J-9-8-7, while the ranks of the trump cards are J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The trick winner starts the next trick and the round ends when all 8 tricks have been played. Each team calculates their points by the cards in the tricks they won, the scores are as follow: for non-trump cards: A-11, 10-10, K-4, Q-3, J-2, others-0; for the trump cards: J-20, 9-14, A-11, 10-10, K-4, Q-3, others-0. The winner of the last trick gets an additional 10 points. If a player owns the queen and the king of trump, he is entitled to an additional 20 points. If the round is won while having the other team won no tricks, then an additional 252 points are awarded. If the round is won with a player winning all tricks by himself, an additional 350 points are awarded to his team. If the team that choses the trump did not score more points than the other team, then all their points are given to the other team except the bonus points from belote. The bonus points from belote-rebelote are in every case given to the owners and counted in the total points at the end of the game. The game ends when a team has scored more than 501.

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